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9th July 2011


The mighty Majesty have reformed and announced the release of a new 2-CD album called 'Own The Crown'.

The first 'Own The Crown' CD contains the greatest hits of Majesty's first incarnation while the second CD contains two completely new songs, 'Own The Crown' and 'Metal On The Road' as well as a lot of rare songs and new recordings.

Among other things, you will find a newly recorded version of the ballad 'Snow Is On The Mountain' which was found in the original 1999 released demo 'Metal Monarchs' and as a special treat, the out of print for years first demo tape of the band will be on the CD.

Altogether there are 28 tracks on the 2CD box, which the band are putting out for the price of a single CD. Especially worth mentioning is the lavish booklet that includes never before seen photos and liner notes by Tarek to each song.

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'Own The Crown' comes out on September 2nd 2011 worldwide and Majesty's big comeback concert album is on September 3rd at 97941 Tauberbischofsheim - Dittigheim. Tickets are available on the Majesty website by clicking here.

The band issued the following statement regarding their reformation;

"With this statement I want to tell all fans, friends and partners that we decided that it is time for MAJESTY to officially come back to the glorious Heavy Metal world. It might sound strange to some of you that after only three years when we said that the band is not existent anymore we return but I really want to try to explain to you all the thoughts, feelings and economic reasons which led to that decision.

"I know that many of you were shocked when we put MAJESTY to sleep in 2008 and I can never properly explain you the exact reasons why we did that step and honestly, I don´t even know them myself. The only thing I know is that it was a decision which hurt the feelings of many dedicated and loyal fans standing together with us side by side through the years.

"I will never forget the sadness of a young fan coming to me after we stopped as MAJESTY. He had tears in his eyes and told me, that he does not know if he should be sad or angry but I knew that it was a mixture of both and I felt those exact same feelings in the last two years too many times.

"Don´t misunderstand me, we also had a lot of fun as Metalforce and played an incredible tour but we never could achieve the magic we had with MAJESTY and therefore we decided it is a wise step to recall that magic and return as the band which has always been our purpose in life.

"There is also one other side to it. Many promoters all around the world told us that they would love to book the band to come to their venues and festivals. But not as Metalforce because we were told that the fans do not even know about that band. The people demand MAJESTY and now we will respond to their demands.

"We are all dedicated musicians and we are living to play live on stage not only a few limited shows a year like we had to do with Metalforce but to hit the stages around the word as often as fucking possible. We need the direct contact with our brothers and sisters and therefore we will work as fucking hard as possible to come to your town.

"The first release as MAJESTY will already come out this summer. 'Own The Crown' which will among the greatest hits of the band feature two brand new songs, the rerecording of the demo song 'Snow Is On The Mountains' and the complete first demo tape of the band. Many more specials which will stir the blood of every fan can be found on the 2CD box set which will be sold for a 1CD unit price.

"I know that a bright future lies before us now and we will try to play as many shows as possible all over the planet and finally do again what we were born for: Heavy Metal – Our strength and our religion.

Tarek "MS" Maghary


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