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12th July 2011

paul mario day

PAUL MARIO DAY, Iron Maiden's first vocalist, has joined a new band, CRIMZON LAKE, in Australia. The singer says of his time with Maiden:

"They were my first band and I lost it to inexperience, and every time I hear that name it pains me that I am not out there with them."

After his stint with Maiden in 1975, Paul fronted NWOBHM bands Wildfire and More, and then sang for The Sweet. He left in 1986 and emigrated to Australia, where he turned his talents to video production and design, but he was also a regular on the covers band circuit. Then Crimzon Lake came along:

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"Thank God, they discovered me in one of my cover bands (Defaced) and saved me from the living hell of singing old rock songs that were never mine!"

Crimzon Lake are, Paul admits, "music for my generation", influenced by "Rush, Sabbath, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains – you know, all the old shit."

Would Paul return to the UK, given the choice?

"Well, yes, UK is the place I was designed and built, sure I would return to play rock. I've always missed Europe as a musician's playground."

Crimzon Lake are currently recording their debut album. Three tracks, 'Without You', 'Hell Freezes Over' and 'Guilty', are available at: or I-Tunes.


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