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14th July 2011

asda shopping trolley have reported that Essex scrap Metal thieves have stolen 800 shopping trolleys from an Asda in Basildon.

This story is not related in any way to Heavy Metal music but this is our 800th news article and as Iron Maiden got the 666th, Saxon got the 747th and Blud Aus Nord were the subject of the 777th article with their '777' album trilogy, so we wanted something relevant for number 800 and this was the closest we could get.

So, the story goes that this twelve day long trolley-stealing marathon has left the managers of the Essex superstore scratching their hands in dismay after a bill for replacing them came in at £64,000.

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Apparently the Metal thieves paid the £1 toll for each trolley but got the £1 coins back after the theft.

Asda spokesman Jo Newbould has said on the matter: "Police are investigating why they were stolen, but they obviously weren't used by people to take their shopping home."

"They're expensive for us to replace too. While there are not as many trolleys as we would like at the Eastgate store at the moment, we have ordered replacements."

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