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27th July 2011


Iwrestledabearonce still don't play by the rules, of which their second full length 'Ruining It For Everybody' impressively gives proof.

On their new record the five piece is exorcising their manic demons once more and is taking it to the next level of madness. Iwrestledabearonce's new album hits stores all across Europe today. If you're down for a little danger, this will be your soundtrack.

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Guitarist Steve n Bradley comments on the record as follows: "It's heavier, catchier, and better organized than anything we've done so far. We took a really spastic blend of genres and made it more cohesive.

"Every rule is broken in the process... We do whatever the fuck we want, and that normally ends up pissing people off," he declares. "We like to take elements from every style and genre and ruin them for everybody."

He further states: "If you liked our debut album 'It's All Happening' you're going to like the new record as well, but if you hated us on first record, you'll hate the new one just as much."

"Despite a newfound accessibility brought on by the cunning introduction of recognisable song structures to lure the listener into a false sense of security, daytime radio schedules will doubtless remain untroubled" (8/10 – Rock Sound UK)

"If uniqueness is to be admired then take a step back and soak this in." (8/10 – Metal Hammer UK)

"You will be so happy this album came into your life." (9.5/10 - US)

As an evidence of that, the band recently premiered the video for their new song 'You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' Real Voices' at The clip, directed by Scott Hansen, features the band performing at a backyard birthday party, with guest appearances by members of Winds Of Plague, In Fear And Faith, As Blood Runs Black and I Set My Friends On Fire. The scene turns to havoc when a drunken clown shows up as part of the entertainment:


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