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2nd August 2011


What started as a simple post from Ginger Wildheart has resulted in securing funding for his next album in less than SIX hours. All by the power of his fans and social media.

Through PledgeMusic, Ginger was releasing four different formats of his next album; triple album download only for £10, Deluxe 3CD Set for £20-25, signed Deluxe 3CD Set for £25-20 and a very limited edition (300) package where your name appears on the CD liner notes, plus vinyl edition of the albums for £100-110.

Plus the people that pledged money up front would choose which tracks appeared on the general release CD. Watch the launch video below - it's very entertaining.

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There was a limit of sixty days set for the target, but it seemed Ginger fans couldn't wait that long and it's been fascinating to watch how quickly people pledged their support. It was all confirmed about 30 minutes ago, by one single tweet from Ginger:

"WE DID IT!!! I can honestly say, without a shred of dramatic intent, that I fucking LOVE you lot. Truly Thanks for keeping it real."

You'd think that it would take 100s of thousands of people following him on social networks for this to work. Nope, he had just over 5,000 followers on Twitter and around about the same on Facebook. OK then, there must have been loads of news articles written about it... nope wrong again, not one that I could find.

It's a mystery as to how this has gone so quickly, but it does prove that there is absolutely no science whatsoever to social media.

To find out more information and pledge while it's still open, head over to

Oh yeah, and 10% of the pledges will go towards Save the Children, so everyone's done their bit for charity too.



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