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16th August 2011

hammerfest iv

Hammerfest IV... runic Metal mayhem launches its first five bands... Anthrax, Paradise Lost, Chimaira, Lawnmower Death, Fury UK...

Since the discovery of the multiple rune stones on the Northern shores of Norway, it has always been hard to believe the true meaning of that ancient runic inscription that marks out very clearly the birth of Hammerfest. To some it's a town in Norway but to the deeper readers, its origin is a Metal Valhalla.

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The Runes tell of the early days of Hammerfest's creation, as it was cast by the norns on that fateful day at the well of Urur (well of fate) three years past. Make no mistake, this tale is not one spun lightly by neither the norns themselves nor the Volva faces of their dark seidr Metal masters.

Quite possibly the Alfather has had his say as has the rest of the Norse Gods at Asgard, but one fact is for sure... when the Valkyries... our dark angels of death... march and lead the HF 'Oathsworn' to the next gathering for our Metal thing! will commence a sonic battle like none staged from this ancient world...

We can also be sure that when Mjolnir... Thor's decibels of pure FKN Heavy Metal at its best... then the human shield wall will be up and the heads of hair will be flying... from every distant land on the Norse Whale road... we will witness a holmgang of bands who will ignite the sacred flame and commence Hammerfest IV... The Hammer of Thor... Loud as FK!!... Masters of Metal...

Leading the charge will be none other than NYC's Metal Legends Anthrax who will be doing a special classics set as well as some super cuts from the forthcoming new album 'Worship Music' which is something of a nugget.

On the flank we have the UK dealers of Doom Paradise Lost who just seem to be growing year on year and will be doing what they do best at HF.

On a rare trip, we also welcome NWOAHM, Chimaira, who drop in from the US to dish out a selection of their notable Metal grooves.

Another UK classic band who will be doing three decades of their own special thrash are now back on the scene and it's with pride that Lawnmower Deth take the ranks in a line up that will rock the very foundations of Prestatyn.

Finally Manchester's Fury UK take up the rear in this first Hogs Snout of shields to call to arms the full HF 'Oathsworn'... Let the Battle begin...

VIP is all but gone, so if you want to get onboard, then ring Fleur on 08700 110034 or e-mail/FB her rapido. DC n Vet deals only last till 1st October or until we run out, whatever comes first.

Prices start from £116 per person (based on six people sharing a silver chalet).

The HF Oathsworn has been summoned. 0870 0110034

Pontins, Prestatyn Sands, North Wales
Dates: 16th and 17th March 2012
Thursday 15th March – Pre-Party


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