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21st August 2011


Nevermore and Sanctuary fromtman Warrel Dane has given an interview to Greek website Rock Overdose about the departures of Jeff Loomis, and Van Williams, guitarist and drummer respectively, of Nevermore.

Warrel said he had no idea that they were leaving and said he had only found out when he read on the internet.

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He said : "Well... I did not break with Jeff. He broke the me. It was his choice. Obviously, he wants to devote himself to playing guitar hero and making solo records.

"Well, I didn't separate from Jeff. Jeff separated from me â€" that was his choice. And he, I think, wants to focus more on being a guitar hero and doing solo records.

"And this whole thing, this split with Jeff. I mean, I couldn't give a shit about our drummer â€" we never got along anyway â€" but Jeff was one of my best friends. And it's like going through a very painful divorce.

"I'm still very upset about the way it happened, because I didn't know that they were quitting the band until I saw on Blabbermouth. And that's not the way you treat your friends. We could have talked. And that was really, really shitty.

"I still talk to Jeff sometimes, but he's in his own world right now, so good luck to him. I love him â€" he's like my brother, but... There's not a whole lot I can say about that."

Hear the entire exclusive interview with Warrel Dane by clicking here.


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