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27th June 2012


London based Karybdis have announced that they will launch their album with an exclusive evening of musical mayhem at the Purple Turtle in London on July 4th.

The band will be showcasing songs from their debut album 'From The Depths', with support throughout the night from four other bands including Beneath The Tide, Oaf, A Farewell To Tyrants and The CockRockets. The band will be giving away merch throughout the night and will feature appearances from special guests, still to be announced. The evening is sponsored by DC Shoes.

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The band are set to self release their debut album 'From The Depths' on July 2nd 2012. Showcasing breathtaking flair and finesse, this is forward-thinking heavy music that marries the savage riffing and percussive precision of death Metal, groove Metal and brutal hardcore to the epic sweep of ancient Greek myths and legends. A potent new hybrid driven by passion, power and the tireless pursuit of progress, 'From The Depths' is as fresh and invigorating as any Metal album in recent memory.

"Karybdis created huge whirlpools from the depths of the ocean in order to engulf any passing sailors," explains McGugan. "We want to exert that kind of power live too. We wanted a link between the name of the band, album title and how we perform on stage as a band."

The final piece of this compelling jigsaw slotted into place when Karybdis joined forces with legendary producer and sound wizard Russ Russell, recording 'From The Depths' with the great man at Parlour Studios in Northamptonshire. Famed for his work with Napalm Death, Evile, Dimmu Borgir and many more, Russell has brought the band's music to life like never before.

Leading UK Metal into inspiring and uncharted territory, pushing boundaries and pursuing a brave and noble path into the unknown, Karybdis will unleash 'From the Depths' on July 2nd, before embarking on their own epic quest to spread the dark magic of their music to the four corners of the globe. The sound of Metal's past, present and future colliding in a shower of sparks, this band are constructing their own immortal mythology before our eyes and ears.

Catch the band live at The Purple Turtle for their album launch on July 4th with Beneath The Tide, Oaf, A Farewell To Tyrants and The CockRockets.


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