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29th June 2012

monuments gnosis

You are about to experiencing something monumental by clicking on the below video. 'Doxa' isn't only the first track being launched from 'Gnosis', it also introduces Monuments' new singer Matt Rose and also reveals the outstanding cover artwork for 'Gnosis'.

'Gnosis' will be out August 27th, 2012 in Europe, August 28th, 2012 in North America and August 31st, 2012 in Australia/NZ.

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The first show confirmed for Monuments to perform with their new singer Matt Rose is a showcase in London on 11th July at The Camden Barfly. They are also due to play the following dates as well:

15.07.2012 (UK) Alton - UK Tech Metal Fest
20.10.2012 (GER) Cologne - Euroblast Festival Vol.8

An extensive tour is currently being booked for the Autumn

Monumnets will continue their work at the forefront of UK Tech Metal. The music combines aggressive angular grooves interwoven with spacious melodic ambience that is punchy yet progressive. The broad vocal spectrum adds a new innovative dimension to their complex musical landscape, merging tight, chaotic grooves, screams and cinematic choruses with hooks that will taunt you for hours.

Monuments have already forged their complex soundscapes into the minds of thousands with their three track EP, 'We Are The Foundation'.

In the short time since their formation, the quintet has already toured the UK and Europe twice, supporting the likes of Winds Of Plague as well as Periphery and Tesseract.


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