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5th July 2012

randy blythe
Randy Blythe in court last Saturday morning. The bail has been posted so why is he still inside?

Lamb Of God manager Larry Mazer has given an interview to Czechoslovakian online newspaper about the ongoing Randy Blythe saga.

This is the transcript of the interview, which we have translated into English as best as we could. You can see the original Czech version as well by clicking here. If you run it through a translator, you will see that the grammar is a bit strange, to say the least.

Article continues below...

What is the current situation? When will Randy Blythe be released?

"I have no idea. The deposit was lodged on Tuesday morning. We tried to make it on Monday, but it took longer. Randy should have been released immediately. We were told on Saturday' 'Bring money and you're free."

How long will he be in jail?

"They told me that it may take up to 20 days. That the investigator may require more time to investigate the case."

What do the other band members think?

"Everybody is shocked. It's absurd. Is it a bad joke that Randy is sitting in jail. He is innocent."

Did you know that two years ago a fan died after a Lamb Of God concert?

"Nobody contacted us in that two years. I did not hear from the family. We did not even know the organizer. There was no contact."

When did you first hear about it?

"Last Wednesday. The organizer of the concert in Abaton told us that Czech police contacted him three months after the boy died. I do not understand that no one answered. The boy was in a coma and then died, and nobody said anything to us."

Czech police said they contacted the American side...

"No one said anything. Do you think I would have a band playing in the Czech Republic if I knew what was going to happen there? No way!"

According to the police Randy knocked the Czech fan from the stage...

"There is one video from the concert where you can see how someone jumps into the audience. But he avoids being pushed by Randy. The security guard shoved him."

It is there to see that the pushes are from both Randy and a security guard...

"But is not there to see that the man fell to the ground. He falls into the crowd."

It is common for a concert of Lamb Of God to be so wild?

"It's typical for rock concerts. People want to have fun. Nothing like this ever happened before at a Lamb Of God concert."

Blythe is apparently making the most of his time while imprisoned. He's learning Mongolian as he shares a cell with a Mongol. "There's a Mongol with him, so Randy is learning some Mongolian phrases from him and the Mongol is picking up a few English words," the vocalist's attorney Martin Radvan and clerk Tomáš Morysek said in Loudwire.

Surprisingly, Blythe hasn't bemoaned his situation — although no one could blame him if he did. "But he hasn't complained about anything. We already went to see him twice. He is still quite confused about the whole thing," Morysek said.


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