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9th July 2012


Steelheart sadly regrets to inform you, our fans and other interested parties, that we will not be performing at the Rockstone Bohemia in Czech Republic on August 3, 2012. After much planning and the full cooperation on the part of Steelheart it has become apparent Steelheart will NOT be performing.

Miljenko Matijevic has released a now public correspondence after he personally wrote to the festival promoter as a last effort in gaining the cooperation for final contractual arrangements fulfilled so the show could go on with Steelheart. Below is the formal open letter from Miljenko to the Rockstone Bohemia Festival promoter in Czech Republic.

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This is Miljenko Matijevic. I am personally contacting you in regards to the SteelHeart performance for August 3, 2012. Reading through all the emails I can see it has been difficult to do business with you and your company. My team and I have spent a lot of time and energy organizing this show. In return you have not responded accordingly or honored the contractual agreement you have signed. Unless there are issues that I/we are not aware of, I have no choice than to officially cancel the show for August 3, 2012 and request that my name “STEELHEART” be removed from your website and any other promotions with the name Miljenko Matijevic / “STEELHEART” attached to it immediately. If I do not hear from you by tomorrow with your response, we will immediately put out a press release with our cancellation and why. I will not allow you to keep promoting my name without my authorization. I have contacted my attorneys in the states and if needed we are prepared to retain legal counsel in CZ as well. I will not have my name “SteelHeart” tarnished or have my fans be misled in any way in this matter. I hope we can come to an amicable understanding and move on. Thank you for your cooperation.



Unfortunately Miljenko's email fell on deaf ears as there has been no response from the festival promoter to move forward and honor their contractual obligations. Steelheart is now issuing this press release so our fans and other interested parties fully understand we/Steelheart have done all we can to play the festival however at this time Steelheart is formally canceling their performing appearance.

Steelheart Press Office have also commented on the Randy Blythe situation. The August 3rd cancellation was not in connection with Randy's position but this is what they had to say about that:

"I'll tell you what - all that bullshit with Randy Blythe is just pissing me off no end! When I read about it the other day I was beyond pissed and I agree with his manager that its a bad joke he is still in jail. Its pretty damn sad about the entire situation to begin with and that it has even gotten this far is a fucking crying shame!

"I read a long article on Blabbermouth and was hoping at the end there was somewhere to post comments but after all that reading there wasn't which just like pouring salt into a open wound.

"I was harmed in more ways than one when I was playing but the worse was the time some dude got past security and pulled off the stage. I was thrown backwards while I was playing and I broke some ribs, not to mention my entire body hurt from the impact and pulled muscles.

"Shit happens, plain and simple, both to the musician and sometimes the audience. Its fucking rock n' roll and sometimes you feel like you have been rolled around with some really hard rocks. I NEVER not even once thought of suing the dumb ass that pulled me off stage. I made sure it couldn't happen again but I chalked it up as a job hazard.

"If a dumb ass fan gets on stage I am all for the musicians to knock them off the stage because nine times out of ten it is to protect themselves. I supposed had it been security that done it this wouldn't be happening because it is their job to take care of that type of thing so obviously they were not on top of the situation.


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