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16th July 2012

tobias sammet
Fallen angel...

Edguy vocalist Tobias Sammet fell off the stage on Saturday (July 14th) during the fifth song of the band's performance at the Bang Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany.

Tobias fell into the photographers' pit, hit the concrete ground and sustained a broken nose, a severe hip contusion, a severe rib contusion and several abrasions and cuts. Despite the fact that Tobias was in severe pain, Edguy completed their full set, which went on for another hour.

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Tobias said: "Thanks for your kind wishes. I am alright. I do not have a clue how it happened. The stage wasn't damp, my shoes were alright, I do not have to mention that I was completely sober as this must have been obvious to everyone. I have no clue how it happened.

"I just fell and suddenly there was blood and a little pain, which got worse song by song. I didn't know you can squeeze so much blood out of such a little nose (well, it's not exactly little at this point...).

"The doctor just said the nose will be fine in a few weeks. Anyway, there was too much adrenaline to stop the show. The fans were so great, it just felt wrong to stop the show, so we decided to just go on and have the doctors repair me afterwards.

"I am okay now, looking terrible and hurting, but who cares... I'll be fine. Thank you for your wishes and for making the show a great show, despite the little incident."


Its a nine foot drop or more apparently. If you want to take pictures you have to use a step ladder in the pit!


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