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16th July 2012

rob flynn

Rob Flynn of Machine Head has given an interview to in which he says that 'Unto The Locust' was their last commitment to Roadrunner Records and the band are now "between labels."

The band have been with Roadrunner for their entire career and helped build the label into the huge name it became. But Roadrunner sold out to Warner Music Group earlier this year and subsequently many offices closed and many jobs were lost, the most significant being A&R rep Monte Connor, who practically built the Metal side of the label.

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Earlier this year Devildriver left the label and now it appears that Machine Head will not be releasing another album with the label.

Here's the interview with Robb Flynn in full. He doesn't totally rule out the possibility of resigning with Roadrunner, but it is clear that Machine Head are weighing up their options.


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