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17th July 2012

randy blythe

Czech tabloid has published an exclusive interview with Randy Blythe, conducted via his attorney in the Czech prison he is being unfairly held in.

Just in case you have been on the moon for the last three weeks, Randy was arrested in Prague on June 27th and is facing manslaughter charges in connection with a 2010 Prague concert at which he allegedly shoved a local fan off the stage. The fan stormed the stage three times during the show, and suffered a brain heamorrhage after falling off which resulted in his death nearly a month later.

Randy's next court appearance is scheduled for this Thursday, July 19th. Randy was visited by his wife last week.

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Here's the interview with Randy. We had to translate this from Czech and the online translators are not 100% accurate so here's a link to the original so you can check the fine detail for yourself.

What is your recollection of the incident that happened at club Abaton in Prague during Lamb Of God's concert in May 2010?

"I don't know anything about any sort of incident. I remember very few details about the show, mainly because I have played a lot of concerts. I just remember that the stage at the club was very small and we barely managed to fit our equipment on there. Also, apparently there was a security guard there because many people climbed onto the stage — including one small boy, in particular, but I could be mixing up details with what happened at other clubs.

"Since I don't wear my glasses while performing, I see little more than blurry outlines. In any case, I did not attack anyone. The only way I could have come into contact with anyone from the audience was if I was protecting myself from people climbing on the stage."

How are you spending time in custody and with your fellow inmates?

"I read, I write letters to friends, family, and I also keep a diary. I get along very well with my Mongolian cellmate, and I am even trying to learn a bit of Mongolian. I'm starting to write a book about my time in the Pankrác prison and come up with lyrical ideas."

Do you have reservations about cooperating with the Czech police and getting justice in your case?

"As far as the police is concerned, I believe that they have acted very professionally and followed the principles of good conduct. But in terms of justice, I honestly do not know what to expect because it is different than the U.S. I thought that if I made bail, I would be released."

On Wednesday (July 11th), you received a visit from your wife. Are you getting a lot of support from your family and your fans?

"My meeting with my gorgeous wife was beautiful and encouraging. I have received messages and support from family, my friends and my bandmates, who all missing me, and I cannot wait to see them all."

You have made bail, and it appears that you will soon be released from prison. What are your future plans?

"If I go back to the U.S., I will mow the lawn, spend some time with family and plunge right back into performing, so that I can pay for my legal fees. I have to help my friends earn some money so that we can live decently. If I had to stay in the Czech Republic, I would look at the sights, especially in Prague. I would follow Kafka's footprints and I would eat dumplings."

Randy has been charged with causing 'bodily harm of the fourth degree, resulting in the death of a fan' and faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. The band's management have already posted bail of 4million Czech Koruna (approximately $200,000).

This week's hearing will reportedly involve a panel of judges who will review the prosecutor's bail challenge and they can approve the bail or annul it.

Click here for The Randy Blythe Legal Fund. Those lawyer's bills are expensive and if each fan donates the price of a packet of smokes or a pint of beer, it will go a long way towards giving Randy his life back.

We are collecting messages of support for Randy which we will forward on to him. Click here to send yours...

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