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18th July 2012

papa roach

In a recent interview conducted at a Papa Roach concert in Allentown, PA., frontman Jacoby Shaddix revealed he is having vocal issues.

The situation is a potentially serious one, and the timing couldn't be worse with a big tour coming up.

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"I went to a vocal specialist. I have what's called a node that's forming on my vocal cord, so it's like a callus on my vocal cord, and so it's fucking with my top range of my vocals for the last week, so I've actually been pretty bummed out," Shaddix explained.

"I took some steroids, and that'll help the swelling and hopefully that'll help it go away. But if it doesn't get better, it's one of those things where you have to get surgery and do the whole thing."

Shaddix says he hopes he'll be better in time for the band's slot on the Uproar Festival in August.

Papa Roach have also completed work on new album 'The Connection' which is set for release on October 2nd on Eleven Seven Music. The single 'Still Swinging' will be released July 24th.

When asked about the new album, Shaddix said: "I think our fans are gonna love it. We kind of went back and looked at the history of our band and really thought about. Creatively, what evolutions have we gone through? When we came in, it was, like, Metal and hip-hop and nu-Metal, and then we kind of got more into straight-ahead rock and then we added pop elements to our band. So this record just encompasses everything we've done from the beginning to where we are currently as a band; it just kind of connects the dots of all the elements of our sound over the years."


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