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19th July 2012

david ginola

Welcome to Icebreaker III! Icebreaker is an Artrocker feature series inspired by their favourite tipple of choice − an Ice Cold Jägermeister − which breaks the ice for bands to meet legends from outside their day-to-day world and gives them the opportunity to ask them those questions they have always wanted to ask.

It's about giving bands that feeling you get when you meet them... you know the feeling; you're full of nervous excitement and want to get your picture taken with then but still remain ice cool. Those situations do not crop up too often... unless Icebreaker is involved, of course!

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It's now time for Icebreaker III where Ed McRae from post-hardcore five-some Your Demise meets former model (literally!) French international and Premiership footballing legend turned actor, wine maker and pundit, David Ginola, as they trade tales of musical talent and ball skills.

This resulted in Mr Ginola discussing his passion for Rock n Roll, its influence on him as a footballer, the fact he should have been a lawyer, makes a large hint on a return to Spurs and even sings a couple of songs!

Some quotes from this Icebreaker interview made by David Ginola include:

"Football takes you to many places, and many places you'd never expect. I had to open the Netaid gig at Wembley with Iman, David Bowie's wife, and I was shitting myself. It was incredible."

"In the car before the game I'd listen to Led Zep, Clash – I love the track 'Magnificent Seven'."

"I love [Spurs]. I love the people. I love the stadium. I love the shirt. It would be an honour to go back there as the manager."

Here's the video interview in full...


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