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25th July 2012

little angels

Sack Trick, featuring our very own writer Chris Dale on bass guitar, withdrew their newly designed logo just days before the Olympic Games were due to start for fear of causing offence.

The logo shown above, bore some similarities to the original Olympic logo.

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Commenting today, Chris Dale said: "I'd misjudged the Olympic spirit and thought it was one of sporting celebration with all mankind, including any vendors of hamburgers or soft drinks. Recently it's been seen that the modern Olympic spirit is one of profit making for global brands and unfortunately we got the brands wrong this time. Luckily, unlike the London Olympic Committee we hadn't spent £400,000 of the taxpayer's money to design the logo so we just binned it. No harm done."

Sack Trick has a history of misjudging situations. On a previous occassion when they tried to prove that Kiss were immortal Gods they received a harsh rebuke from Gene Simmons himself, telling them to "get a life".

Sack Trick's fourth album is due for release later this year (without an Olympic logo). See for more information.


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