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27th July 2012


Four years since the release of Metallica's last album, 'Death Magnetic', the band have announced that they will begin to "concentrate on new music" for their next album beginning in September.

Metallica will once again team up with legendary producer Rick Rubin to create their tenth studio album.

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In an interview with Pulse Of The Radio, James Hetfield said: "I can't turn off the creative part of me, which is — what a great gift. There's stuff coming out all the time, whether it's in the tuning room, in my hotel room, sitting at home with the acoustic, wherever.

"The stuff is coming out, and it gets recorded or written down or something, some way, and it'll come out at some point. Whether it's on this album, the next album, who knows."

The new Metallica album is expected to be released sometime in 2013.


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