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4th August 2012


Argentinian power/folk Metal act Skiltron have announced that the band's new album will be entitled 'Into The Battleground'.

The album will be the band's fifth, the first since the 2010 release 'The Highland Way' and will be released soon.

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Skiltron are an Argentinian Folk Metal band formed in 2004 by Matias Pena and Emilio Souto. This musical fusion is remarkable in South America, and especially in Argentina. Check out the tracks below to see what we mean.

The name Skiltron comes from a pronunciation of the word schiltron, a formation used by the Scottish during the Wars of Independence.

The track list for 'Into The Battleground' is as follows:

1. Brosnachadh
2. Lion Rampant
3. The Swordmaker
4. On the Trail of David Ross
5. Besieged by Fire
6. The Brave's Revenge
7. Merrsadh Air
8. The Rabbit Who Wanted to be a Wolf
9. Prestonpans 1745
10. Loyal we will Stand
11 Get Back (The Beatles Cover) love Skiltron and want to see them get over to Europe soon. Here's some of our favourite Skiltron tracks...


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