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10th August 2012


Krusher, acclaimed album sleeve designer for Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and many, many other massive names has released a new poster - a limited edition Keith Richards poster which is pictured above.

The full colour poster measures 23" x 33" (59cms x 89cms) and is printed on 250gsm gloss paper. It's limited to a run of 250 prints, each signed and numbered by Krusher himself and is available exclusively from Krusher's official website by clicking here.

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Krusher tells the story of the poster: "The poster was inspired by the 1972 Rolling Stones album 'Exile On Main Street', or more specifically the track 'Happy' which had Keith Richards on lead vocals, and also the king of fairground artwork Fred Fowle whose London studio I'd visited when I was studying at Goldsmiths College, also around 1972.

"Keef, at the time was my hero, and I still think there are parts of Deptford where my 'Keef Is God' and 'Keef woz 'ere' graffiti are in evidence and Fred Fowle is still one of my great inspirations.

"I actually did the artwork in 1973 and in 1979 I entered it for the European Illustration/Print exhibition where it was roundly rejected by the arsechickens on the judging panel.

"Now 40 years later I've actually had the bugger printed and to be perfectly honest I'm very HAPPY I have!!"

Click here to order Krusher's Happy Keef poster....



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