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6th September 2012

killing joke

Killing Joke have pulled out of the problem laden UK tour with The Cult and The Mission.

The tour was initially planned to be a run of five arena shows across the UK, however in June it was scaled down to five Academy venues for no apparent reason. Poor ticket sales were suspected.

In July, Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman took to the band's Facebook page with an extensive rant, voicing his displeasure at the downsizing of the tour, stating that the band were expecting an Arena tour and had comfortably sold out a headline tour of the O2 Academy network in 2011.

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Shortly after his Facebook outburst, the band announced that Coleman was missing and had been out of contact for days. He was found in August, camping in the western Sahara entirely oblivious to the concern for his welfare. He claimed the isolation was so he could work on the manuscript for a new book.

Customers who had purchased tickets from Ticketmaster were being emailed and informed of Killing Joke's withdrawal from the tour. Refunds are being offered however Ticketmaster are advising to return tickets before Monday 10th September, much to the displeasure of a lot of Killing Joke fans, judging by the posts on their Facebook Timeline.

The band are yet to make an official statement and neither have The Mission or The Cult.

The band have taken to Facebook to defend themselves:

"You know what, fuck it. We cancelled some shows for reasons that none of you know and can't because it's personal. We were first on, on The Cult tour and we couldn't do it. Get over it and ask for your money back from the promoter or as we have said 3 times now keep your unused ticket and we will do something to make it up.

"Sick of the barrage of negative shit up here Unlike and don't come back if you hate us for cancelling 5 shows, seriously unlike and don't come back.

"An indie brewery names a cider after KJ and Mike does a label and a bunch of hate mail??? For what? Apples? Mike Coles? Indie Cider makers? Good grief there wasn't even a link to buy the damn thing.

"Enough now. Write bullshit get blocked and don't come back.

"Grown men behaving like One Direction fans, and people we have known for years.

"One person wrote the 3 things we are allowed to post up here that are acceptable??????

"Racist shit about Jaz too! because we pulled 5 opening slots for the Cult?!?!


"Be pissed off, ask what we will do for those of you that no longer wish to go to 'the Cult's Choose Your Weapon Tour' and don't get refunded and keep you unused ticket. Write to us with personal situations such as transatlantic travel for show and let's talk.

"Don't write, rude, racist, damn right insulting shit up here anymore or we will delete you, and it like we have had to do since last night with some of the more idiotic crap."


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