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13th September 2012

black country communion afterglow

Black Country Communion will play their first UK show since the summer of 2011 at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. This will be the band's only UK appearance of the corresponding tour and European dates could be announced soon.

The gig takes place on 5th January 2013 and the band will release their third studio album, 'Afterglow', on 29th October. You can see a trailer for the album below.

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"There's just a jet engine when the pieces get in the room," says Joe Bonamassa of the album, "That sound is like a jet engine. It's a rock band, it's a really powerful rock band."

Glenn Hughes says fans can expect the familiar BCC sound but more slightly musically diverse: "There are signatures that people will understand of what we are.

"But there also nuances and a little quirkiness in the songs that are new to us. It's a deeper album musically, for me, but it does not step away from the genre of which we are."

'Afterglow' tracklist:

1) Big Train
2) This Is Your Time
3) Midnight Sun
4) Confessor
5) Cry Freedom
6) Afterglow
7) Dandelion
8) The Circle
9) Common Man
10) The Give
11) Crawl

And here's the trailer for the album:


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