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24th September 2012

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Papa Roach vocalist Jacoby Shaddix almost committed suicide before the recording of their new album 'The Connection'.

The 36-year-old was suicidal after a near decade-long battle with alcoholism and a strained relationship with his wife, Kelly, before taking the decision to battle his demons.

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He told Metal Hammer magazine: "I went to Sausalito [California] to hang myself. I was in a fucking place, man. The booze, my lifestyle, this woman I'd been with since I was 16. I've never been that fucking broken. I was seriously going to finish it."

However, as the vocalist was sat in a hotel room and thought of "that last conversation with your family on the phone" it triggered a change of heart.

Jacoby added: "Suicide, that's the most selfish act. So I decided I had to endure this pain that I was going through."

The 'Last Resort' hitmaker admitted he was "losing" himself, and realised he had to "put this shit aside."

He added: "I fucking wrote a song instead."

The song, 'Before I Die', also proved the creative spark needed for Papa Roach's seventh studio album, 'The Connection'.

Still, Jacoby wasn't keen to write about his suicidal struggle on the new record, until his band-mates and producer told him it was the way forward.

He said: "[They] were like, 'You've got to do that. Every time we make records, you're always brutally honest about what you're going through."

'The Connection' is released on October 1st.


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