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2nd January 2013

rectified spirit

Indian progressive Metal band Rectified Spirit have released the first single, 'Bloodrush', from their self-titled debut album.

The song can be heard in the player at the bottom of this page.

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Guitarist and founding member Samudragupta commented: "This track deals with guilt. Many times people do despicable things and commit sins under a rush of blood to their heads when they surrender to their more primitive animalistic instincts. But just when it's done, only then does one realize that the guilt that follows will have to be borne only by the human being inside.

"That's what Bloodrush does to us. It is the time when the sinner prefers redemption rather than forgiveness and the thing that is common between the sinner and the sinned is that none of their souls can rest in peace. That is the dichotomy or paradox of Bloodrush."

rectified spirit

Rectified Spirit's self titled album was released on 28th December 2012 and can be ordered by clicking here.


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