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14th January 2013

cozy powell

Cozy Powell, like his contemporaries, was a titan in both the British and American rock music and drumming scenes and between 1968-1998 Powell was one of the most prolific session and band drummers working and his CV, in his own words, "runs like a Who's Who of rock" including The Jeff Beck Group, MSG, Whitesnake, ELP, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Rainbow and the Brian May Band, as well as his own solo recordings, the most well known being the instrumental hit 'Dance With The Devil', helping to further highlight the drums and role of drummer and influencing a generation, a feat few other drummers have been able to match or better since.

Yet with all these achievements Cozy Powell appears to have been lost to the musical past, but why? Why, when after contributing so much to rock music and drumming has the legacy and memory of Cozy, one if it's brightest talents, remained absent?

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Also, as a person, Cozy Powell remains an enigma. Apart from his documented love of fast cars and motorbikes much isn't known about Cozy or the life he lead away from the drums other than his love of speed, which were to have devastating consequences later on in his life.

Unlike his contemporaries John Bonham or Keith Moon, Cozy Powell never appeared to get himself into the tabloid press for the wrong reasons, allowing him to stay a deeply private man who always stayed focused on his work, and so has remained a true mystery.

It's with these questions that filmmaker Lee Hutchings now seeks to answer by passionately embarking on the first in-depth and detailed account of Cozy Powell's life and work, 'Dance With The Devil: The Cozy Powell Story'.

Featuring exclusive interviews from family, friends and work colleagues, next to classic archival footage, Lee intends to pay the highest tribute to the man and legend that was Cozy Powell, from his early and humble beginnings through to his rise as superstar drummer to the unexpected and tragic events that ended his life in April 1998.

'Dance With The Devil: The Cozy Powell Story' will also go that extra mile by revealing Cozy's legacy and influence since his death both as a drummer and as a person on musicians and others, alongside established fans and those who have since discovered the magic of Cozy's vast and incredible body of work across 30 years.

Lee is aiming to have the film released in Autumn 2013 and we will bring you the exact date as soon as it is decided.


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