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1st May 2013


Just in case you've been living on the Moon for the last twelve months or so and are out of date with the Queensrÿche news, here's a potted version of it.

Queensrÿche had a huge row almost exactly one year to the day and singer Geoff Tate went mental and allegedly pulled a knife on Scott Rockenfield in Rio in a story that we exclusively broke. Click here for the full story.

We use the word 'allegedly' because you have to do that to cover your ass legally but the truth is that our man in Brazil saw the whole thing unfold from behind a door that he was hiding behind after sneaking unnoticed into the venue as the band arrived. Allegedly.

Article continues below...

After the Rio incident Queensrÿche fired Tate and replaced him with Todd La Torre but Tate sued the band for the naming rights and the judge ruled that he had the right to use the name. And so did the version of the band fronted by Todd.

Geoff recruited a brand new line-up and formed a band called Queensrÿche. Not to be confused with the Queensrÿche version with Todd La Torre.

Queensrÿche have already had two line-up changes since Geoff formed it but managed to get their 'debut' album out last month, titled 'Frequency Unknown'. There were complications on the way with one story emerging that Geoff had suddenly scrapped all the recordings and started again from scratch, while tales of Glenn Drover and Bobby Blotzer's departure led the public to believe that there was big trouble in this camp.

Meanwhile, Queensrÿche are to release their first album with La Torre on June 24th. The album is imaginatively titled 'Queensrÿche'.

Further complicating matters, is that Capitol Records is releasing a compilation album called 'Icon', containing earlier Queensrÿche songs, on May 14th, resulting in three albums with the name 'Queensrÿche' being released in three consecutive months, each of them with a different band composition.

Back to 'Frequency Unknown' and Geoff Tate (or his people) have come up with a very strange competition which seems to us like a complete PR disaster and goes like this.

If you hate their debut album 'Frequency Unknown', then post a video on YouTube ranting about why you can't stand it. The winner will be flown to Seattle to see the band play live on June 29 in special VIP seating, meet them and get merchandise worth $250.

There are some contest rules which will surely prohibit some potential entrants however, for example rants must be limited to the music and production of the album 'Frequency Unknown' and personal attacks/personal threats on Queensrÿche band members and family members will not be tolerated.

It's for US residents only and in a few weeks time, whenever anyone types the album title into Google or YouTube, the result will turn up pages upon page of negative reviews. Unless Geoff and his people are seeing something that we are not, this smacks of a terrible strategy that can only encourage negative press and therefore damage album sales.

Anyway, Queensrÿche are going to be touring their 'Queensrÿche' album at various European festivals this summer and also have a string of US dates booked while Queensrÿche start a run of US dates to promote 'Frequency Unknown' later this month.

Rumours that both tours are to be sponsored by are unfounded at this stage.

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