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10th May 2013

richie sambora

So, more than a month after the announcement that Richie was not joining with the Bon Jovi tour - where is he and what's he up to?

Many fans believe he is in rehab - which is denied by Bon Jovi media statements and Richie has said he is at home, not in hospital or any other 'facility'. Some websites have claimed there is a long standing financial feud between Richie and Jon although Jon has publicly denied this in an interview on the Ellen show.

Jon also took the opportunity to be very clear that Richie remains a member of Bon Jovi and that the band were hoping he would join the tour 'at some stage'. While Jon's brother Matthew has taken to his Twitter account to suggest that the band would be anticipating Richie may join them in the summer. Check out The rest of us are just waiting for - well, some sign that Richie is ok.

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So above is the first officially released picture of Richie since news broke that he was not starting the Bon Jovi tour. It was posted by Richie to his Twitter account in the past few hours and shows him being driven by his daughter Ava with the caption "Ava drivin her proud Papa.....just the best..."

Now all we need to is to programme the satnav so Ava will drive Richie to the nearest airport so he can get on a plane and join the tour!

Click here for Richie's Twitter page...

For those of us going to the Bon Jovi gigs and are missing the man with the big heart here is an old link for Music Cares where Richie goes busking undercover.

For Jon's interview with Ellen...


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