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28th May 2013

dave boyce
Dave Boyce says 'Have A Drink With Me' on the MOR cruise in March...

Just when The Quireboys were well in the ascendancy again and it looked as though they were about to re-achieve past glories, the line-up has collapsed amidst a shroud of mystery.

The rhythm section, drummer Matt Goom and bass player Dave Boyce have departed the band for reasons that are being kept under wraps at the moment.

Both have made statements saying that it was simply "time to move on" and that their time with the band had brought wonderful memories. Both also expressed very best wishes for the future to their now former band mates.

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And in the aftermath of the split, Dave Boyce has revealed details of his new project, Skyscraper. Dave exclusively told MetalTalk: "Skyscraper was a project I was working on with producer Martin Kronlond when I was asked to join Quireboys.

"It started of as a project with singer Lee Small and guitarist Tor Talle and I was brought in to do sexy bass for them. The original record label decided to pull out before hearing the finished product and I ended up buying the recording rights.

"I had just finished putting the sexy bass down with Pedro Ferriera at his studio when Paul Guerin called me and asked if I would some gigs in Scandinavia with The Quireboys which was an offer I couldn't refuse.

"Lee Small had some work on the last Shy album to do and Tor had a few sessions on in Norway so we thought we would do the work for a couple of weeks and come back to Skyscraper, which in my case turned into two years rocking with The Quireboys.

"I have no idea where that time went lol, but now seems the right time to get things going again. The album is being mastered as we speak in London and I have been waiting for the right time to get it out there - we are still looking for a label but I am in no rush to give it away so will be looking at gigs and options on release in the next couple of months."

It was only five days ago that The Quireboys announced "a new multi lingual website, new manager, new agency, new album and modern sound" (here), and stated that "2013 can only be the year for The Quireboys". Let's hope they can replace Matt and Dave quickly and keep on track for that.

The Quireboys have made no comment on the split so far.

News on Skyscraper will appear on MetalTalk as soon as we have it.


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