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29th July 2013

paul di anno

Former Iron Maiden vocalist, Paul Di'Anno, has announced that his planned tour of the United States and Canada has been cancelled, after what appears to be an issue with the American booking agent.

A message from Di'Anno, who last year announced his impending retirement from touring, reads as follows:

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"Due to a Snake (supposed USA booking agent) ripping everyone off in every way possible known to man (and a few ways not heard of yet) the USA tour will not be going ahead.

"After waiting and waiting and waiting and lies and lies and more lies (and then just a few more lies and bullshit) just like happened to many others before me - i have had to admit defeat to this lowlife and forget about the USA tour for now.

"As you can imagine, money changed hands over there in the USA (not my hands I might add) and keeping me suppressed was the best thing to do whilst it was all stashed away.

"My apologies to the American fans who have been let down and to the various promoters who got so badly burnt in this way.

"This slime bag Snake knows who he is (and so does half of the Metal and rock business) so lets hope his fall is a steep one."


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