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2nd August 2013

black sabbath

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who did not join the reunion due to an "unsignable contract", is still calling himself Black Sabbath's drummer, despite not being a part of Sabbath's '13' album or any of the band's live dates since the founding line-up got back together in late 2011.

During an interview with Guitar International, Ward looked back at his decision to leave Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne's claim that Ward "couldn't remember what the fuck we were doing."

Ward states: "I was offered a contact and I couldn't sign it. As for some of the stories — I would never, ever show up for a commitment that I could not do physically. So that should answer that one."

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Ward continues: "In the statement that I did last year, I was quite clear that I came to the end of the road and promised myself and my family that I would never sign a contract that was not workable. It was one of the toughest decisions that I ever had to make. Because I absolutely and without question wanted to play.

"I haven't left the band. Everybody thinks I have left the band. I didn't walk out; it wasn't like that at all. I just didn't sign the contact and life took its own course."

The legendary drummer also addressed Sabbath's idea to only have him perform a few songs each night on tour: "I'm the drummer in Black Sabbath so I want to do the entire show," declares Ward.

"I play all or nothing. Playing partially would kind of be aligning to my demise in Sabbath and minimize me. I'm the drummer in Sabbath and quite capable of doing the job."

Black Sabbath are currently spreading touring North America with touring drummer Tommy Clufetos.


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