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2nd August 2013

praying mantis

Praying Mantis head honcho Tino Troy has made a heartfelt statement regarding the band's recent line-up changes and fan reaction that the band received.

Mantis recently announced that they have joined forces with Dutch duo, vocalist Jaycee (John Cuijpers) and drummer Hans in 't Zandt. Jon and Hans are seasoned professional musicians with a vast experience of playing alongside bands such as Toto, Vengeance, Jan Akkerman, and Steve Lukather and will bring a extra dimension to the Mantis sound.

Tino's statement is in full below.

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"To all those of you who disagree with Mikes exit from Praying Mantis I'd like to say just one thing: I formed Mantis in1973 (40 years ago) The cover picture above is of our 1980 album TIME TELLS NO LIES on which Chris. Steve Carroll and myself shared vocal duties. Now I wouldn't call myself a good singer by any stretch but this album has become a classic for whatever reasons and fans still come to me to this day and say Chris & me should sing those songs. Well I don't think there's any danger of that happening.

"SANCTUARY was also up there and Mikes vocal performance was 'Second to None'. The ensuing shows we did were 'Pitch Perfect' and I still don't know to this day what happened more recently over the last couple of years. Perhaps you should all ask Mike that question because as far as I'm concerned he lost it for reasons best known to himself and those closest to him.

"I loved Mike as a singer and his friendship means a lot to me. He is a truly down to earth bloke and I will miss him and his many quips such as "OK GUV" & "BLUDDY HHHELL..." Etc.

"Fans of the band will always post up poor quality vids - more often than not -shot on a phone and the sound is ALWAYS particularly horrendous!! Along with these vids of HOA featuring the new line-up, I have witnessed and held my face in my hands in shame and disbelief at some of the C**P that's been posted in the past. I'm not ashamed to say it ... Down to dodgy performances by Mike & ourselves on occasion.

"It was John' Cuijpers' (our new vocalist) first performance - reading many of the lyrics while putting on a stalwart performance after just one rehearsal. it is therefore a trite unfair to start an obituary before the birth.

"Was it just the one thing I had to say?...... I'm sorry.... where was I....... Ah yes!

"Just for those of you who are unaware of any history.... I formed JUNCTION in 1972 with Pete Moore which became PRAYING MANTIS when I recruited my bro Chris 40 years ago (sans Mike) and as long as I'm/we're still alive and Rockin' will see this thing through to the bitter end. Throughout this journey we have seen many changes particularly on the Lead Vocalist front. We have never fallen from grace and so shall it remain that way.

"Lets all move on please. Life's too short....

"Peace & Love



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