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19th August 2013

ratt dokken

Ratt and Dokken had a major a scare over the weekend when the private jet they were travelling in to their next show was forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot of the chartered aircraft reported a fire in the cockpit at approximately 7,000 feet.

The incident happened shortly after takeoff in Moline, Ill. The Challenger 601 was immediately grounded.

Ratt and Dokken were on their way to perform at a show scheduled in Wauconda, Ill. and the emergency landing they hopped in SUV's and made it to the show on time.

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The band used social networking to update fans on their safety. "We are ok!" One message on Ratt's Facebook read, followed by, "On the way to Wauconda. The tour rolls on."

Shortly after the scary incident, Dokken bassist Sean McNabb also provided more details surrounding the emergency landing, telling Yahoo Music:

"We were just doing our normal thing, sitting there telling stories, and we saw the cockpit open, and it was full of smoke. The pilots had their oxygen masks on.

"We saw a pilot jump up really fast with a worried look on his face, so then we got worried The smoke never got really bad where we were, but we definitely smelled something electrical.

"We turned around and went back to Moline, and there was a fire crew waiting there for us on the ground. They're thinking it was an electrical fire."

The good news is there were no injuries reported among the 13 passengers and crew and the smoke never made its way into the cabin. The cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed.


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