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25th September 2011

raj kumar jbs of dudley

After more than 18 months of constant touring through about 20 different countries over the course of their current album 'Strings To A Web', Peavy, Victor and Andre have now started writing songs for the follow-up record.

The recordings will take place from mid-October onwards in the Twilight Hall Studios, Grefrath under the time-proven direction of Charlie Bauerfeind (axon, Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Helloween et al.)

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As a direct consequence of the decision to release orchestral compositions under the banner of the project Lingua Mortis Orchester in the future (the first album release is scheduled for 2012), the guys will fully concentrate on their Metallic fortes on the 21st record within the band's history.

Therefore, one can justifiably look forward to the hardest Rage album to date.

The release is planned for March of 2012. Watch out for it!


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