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28th September 2011

jake spears

Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears says he's "desperate" to sing on Queens Of The Stone Age's next album.

Speaking at the Arthur's Day festival in Dublin earlier this week, Spears sent a clear message that he wants to work with Josh Homme's band.

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Shears told the Daily Star: "It'd be a dream collaboration, because I'm a huge fan. I really, really want to sing on the next QOTSA album. I'm desperate for it.

"And he's [Homme] a fan of our band too, as unlikely as that might be. I think he's a genius, a genuine rock hero living among us."

Shears' Scissor Sisters bandmate Ana Matronic also told NME that they are working on a follow-up to fourth album 'Night Work', hinting it would be more chaotic than their 2010 effort.

"'Night Work' was the most cohesive album we've done whereas the others were a bit of a grab bag," said the singer. "I think this might be going back to being like that. We sometimes say we should do a concept album but we are a concept, we have a philosophy of what we do. We're stupid - that's our concept!

"We spend a lot of time on the road but whenever we're home we're hard at it. We have a lot of music. We wanna get it out asap."


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