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8th October 2011

black sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne has confirmed that the original Black Sabbath line-up are working together and that the story of the reformation, broken here on in August, is true.

Speaking with regarding his forthcoming book, 'Trust Me, I'm Dr Ozzy', Ozzy said about the original line-up getting back together; "Yes, it's a very, very strong possibility. It's in the very early stages, so we haven't recorded anything yet. If it works out, it'll work out. If it doesn't, I'll keep doing my thing."

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Tony Iommi's manager, Ralph Baker refused to deny that the band's original lineup were getting back together and the Birmingham Mail is now being quoted as the original source of the story.

It was in fact who broke the story and at the time Baker said; "A very insignificant little website put something out about Sabbath getting back together... When you [Birmingham Mail] went online, that's when it went around the world because it was official."

We googled Ralph Baker and there were no results for him.


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