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28th October 2011

amon amarth

Further to recent speculation, we can now confirm that the mighty Amon Amarth will be tearing apart Hammerfest on main stage, Saturday night. With the Hammer of Thor being the theme for March, its only too right we make sure that these Viking Gods grace the stage and do what they do best... tear yer heads off!!!

Joining them will be German power Metallers Wizard who will be concocting their own set of Norse Mythology just to stay in line with AA. And just to add a curve ball, we have The Painted Smiles joining us, led by ex Six Th frontman, Mikee Goodman.

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Last weekend saw the finals of Highway to Hell 2 produced six New Blood bands for HF IV. Overall winners were Gentleman of Distorted Sound, with will earned coveted slots going to Trucker Diablo, Kyrbgrinder, Savage Outlaw, Spirytus and Inferno for good measure. HTH2 had over 1000 bands apply and these finalist slots were selected from a final 24 play off in Glasgow's Classic Grand last weekend.

American Thrashers go head to head at Hammerfest IV

Well, well, well... If it wasn't enough to get Anthrax slamming their sound n couture all over Friday night, we now see them going head to head with American Thrash lords Exodus... who now take centre stage for a double Thrash header which should blow the place to smithereens... HF4 just seems to go on an all out line up of destruction and seeing American Thrash Legends Exodus going on full assault with their Thrashtastic brothers only seems to sum up what's going down at this years Hammerfest.

On to this announcement we see us adding... a Phoenix USA debut for Chemicals of Democracy, who Jonni's new Rock agency Chic Talent, have been rigorously scouting out over the last three months, and now bring forward to their first UK performance albeit in front of the HRH/HF loyal. Joining them we have HF fav's Arthemis and Scottish blood Metallers Archen... all in all another ballsy addition to an already incredible line up for HF 4.

The full line-up so far stands as Anthrax, Skindred, Exodus, Amon Amarth, Paradise Lost, Chimaira, Heavens Basement, Wizard, Hell, Lawnmower Death, Sci Fi Mafia, Fury UK, Arthemis, Chemicals Of Democracy, Mortad, Achren, Evil Scarecrow, Anterior, Holosade, Virus, Hammer Of The Gods, Gentleman Of Distorted Sound, Trucker Diablo, Kyrbgrinder, Spirytus, Savage Outlaw, Inferno and The Painted Smiles.

VIP is all but gone, so if you want to get onboard, then ring Fleur on 08700 110034 or e-mail/FB her rapido. DC n Vet deals only last till 1st October or until we run out, whatever comes first.

Prices start from £116 per person (based on six people sharing a silver chalet). The HF Oathsworn has been summoned.


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