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3rd November 2011

bill bailey

The eagerly awaited album 'Bill Bailey In Metal' is out now. It's a collection of nine solid rock tracks that were forged for Bill's headline set in the fiery furnace of the Saturn Stage at Sonisphere 2011.

Each of these pieces were then hammered into shape in the studio furnace using the voodoo brilliance of a superb band of musical sorcerers.

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The track listing is as follows:

Lazer Gazer
Leg of Time (Metal Version)
Love Song (Metal Version)
Apocalyptic News (Metal Version)
Scarborough Fair (Rammstein Style)
Cars (Metal Version)
Das Hokey Kokey (Metal Version)
Oblivion (Metal Version)
Pot Plant Elegy (Metal Version)

Bill Bailey Remembers Sonisphere 2011

"My enduring memory of Sonisphere 2011will always be of the fantastic reaction of the crowd. I've always been in the whimsy tents at festivals in the past so the view from the Saturn Stage was one of the best I have ever seen.

"There were thousands of hands waving in the air despite a classic English festival downpour and while the signs on the stalls may have said Stevenage that crowd just said K-n-e-b-w-o-r-t-h to me. You just can't help but channel the past from a location that has hosted all of the greats and that coupled with the fact that Heavy Metal fans are easily the most intense in their appreciation of music, really makes Sonisphere a unique event.

"And not only did I get to headline but I also got to watch some fantastic bands. Mastadon, Biffy Clyro, Slipknot, Weezer and Airbourne were all awesome. Here's to Sonisphere 2012!"

Bill Bailey at Sonisphere 2011 - Exclusive Video

This intimate short film by Daniel Mudford follows Bill around Knebworth as he prepares for his headline set on The Saturn Stage of Sonisphere 2011. Hear Bill's thoughts on Metal fans, the aristocracy's knowledge of drainage and discover how Bill's grand entrance in front of the biggest crowd of his career... nearly backfired.

You can get your tickets for Bill Bailey's live shows by clicking here.


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