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14th November 2011

christmas metal festival 2011

The biggest German indoor festival of 2011, four days, two venues and 46 bands is almost here...

With headliners such as Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Venom, Immortal, Morbid Angel, Iced Earth, Arch Enemy, Saxon, Six Feet Under, Sepultura and many more...!

What started in 2009 as a one-day festival became actually current the biggest metal indoor festival in Germany! Part 1, on November 25th/26th 2011, will take part in the town hall of Lichtenfels.

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On Friday the 25th November bands such as MORTAL SIN (performing the best of their discs 'Mayhemic Destruction' and 'Face Of Despair') and HEATHEN (performing the best of their albums 'Breaking The Silence' and 'Victims Of Deception') will open the day at 12.15 before the U.S. shock Rocker LIZZY BORDEN will offer one of her rare appearances in Germany.

DESTRUCTION (performing the best of 'Sentence Of Death' and 'Infernal Overkill') hold the flags of German Thrash-Metal high and after that ANVIL, which have taken care of their new album for powerful sensation, will enter the stage.

Furthermore class A headliners named EXODUS (performing the best of 'Bonded By Blood', 'Pleasure Of The Flesh' and 'Fabulous Disaster'), the Eurovision Song Contest winner LORDI, SEPULTURA (performing the best of 'Beneath The Remains', 'Arise' and 'Chaos AD'), SAXON and HAMMERFALL, decades-long guarantee for excellent live shows, will turn the 25th November 2011 to a celebrity holyday for all Metalheads!

On Saturday the 26th November the festivals becomes evil, black and hard!

Bands like WOLFCHANT, VALKYRJA and the death metallers of DEBAUCHERY, following SLSTAFIR, PRIMORDIAL, which also have their new album in their package, VADER, GORGOROTH, UNLEASHED and SIX FEET UNDER (only German show in 2011), IMMORTAL and an absolute high-caliber headliner named VENOM turn the focus in the fields of extreme Black and Death Metal!

Just two weeks later (5th/6th of December) the festival goes on and on an on and will take part in Geiselwind near Nuremberg.

Here, all the fans of true fucking Heavy Metal will be bonded by blood and show the sign of their Metal heart!

Bands like VAN CANTO, POWERWOLF, fuckin amazing US Power Metal band ICED EARTH and Germanys No. one Symphonic Metal heroes BLIND GUARDIAN will take the fans all around the hall in a higher sphere!

The next festival-day is in the sign of Death Metal!

German DM talents DAWN OF DISEASE, US Thrash Metal tank WARBRINGER with their new album, AZARATH and Grindcore-maniacs MILKING THE GOATMACHINE make the appetizer before MARDUK, CALIBAN, TRYPTICON (certainly with one or the other Celtic Frost classic in the bag), EQUILIBRIUM and Northern Hyperblast heroes KATAKLYSM, sexy angel Angela and her ARCH ENEMY and MORBID ANGEL tear the hall up!

The presale of single and combination tickets for the respective days of the festival has already begun.

You can find these on the Internet at by telephone on 0049-(0)6631/705440 or via

Runing order:

25.11.2011 - Stadthalle Lichtenfels

0.30 Uhr Hammerfall
22.30 Uhr Saxon
20.50 Uhr Lordi
19.10 Uhr Sepultura
17.50 Uhr Exodus
16.30 Uhr Anvil
15.10 Uhr Destruction
14.00 Uhr Lizzy Borden
13.00 Uhr Heathen
12.15 Uhr Mortal Sin

26.11.2011 - Stadthalle Lichtenfels

0.30 Uhr Venom
22.30 Uhr Immortal
20.30 Uhr Six Feet Under
19.00 Uhr Unleashed
17.40 Uhr Gorgoroth
16.20 Uhr Vader
15.10 Uhr Primordial
14.10 Uhr Mrzfeld
13.10 Uhr Solstafir
12.10 Uhr Debauchery
11.25 Uhr Wolfchant
10.45 Uhr Valkyrja
10:05 Uhr Enemy of Death

09/12/2011 - Event Hall Geiselwind

23.30 Uhr Blind Guardian
21.30 Uhr Iced Earth
20.00 Uhr Grave Digger
18.30 Uhr Powerwolf
17.10 Uhr Van Canto
16.00 Uhr Suidakra
15.00 Uhr Shraphead
14.00 Uhr In Legend
13.00 Uhr M.I. GOD

10/12/2011 - Event Hall Geiselwind

0.30 Uhr Morbid Angel
22.35 Uhr Arch Enemy
20.50 Uhr Kataklysm
19.30 Uhr Triptykon
18.10 Uhr Caliban
16.50 Uhr Equilibrium
15.40 Uhr Marduk
14.35 Uhr Milking the Goatmachine
13.40 Uhr Warbringer
12.50 Uhr Azarath
12.05 Uhr Dawn of Disease
11.20 Uhr Justice
10.40 Uhr Absorb
10.00 Uhr Defuse my Hate


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