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26th November 2011


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One of the best bands at the moment truly representing all that is British and Metal is due to be release their debut album with Transcend Music, on November 28th 2011.

After the success of their 3-track EP released earlier this year, Elimination took to the road supporting Evile on their UK Tour and have since been committed to writing and recording and the result is one giant ball of British Steel forged in Middle Earth:

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"'The Blood Of Titans' demonstrates a definite progression in terms of both our songwriting and musicianship from our last record. This has been helped to no end by the amount of shows we've played together, and the intense rehearsing, and writing schedule we've had over the past year" says guitarist Dave Spicer, "The sound on this record is much more refined, and totally representative of where Elimination are right now."

'The Blood Of Titans' has progressed beyond the confinements of their previous 'Thrash' tag; embracing melodic interventions and a heightened dynamism, they have now outgrown the predictable content of Thrash.

Normally, in avoiding their fate, most bands fall into the path of a hyper-clinical 'modern' sound, but Elimination have remained true to their musicianship and songwriting skills and turned their attention instead to the production:

"The production on this album is more akin to records like 'Clayman' and 'Slaughter of the Soul'. We spent a lot more time in the studio with this record, and we think that it really shows. There has been a lot more care put into the making of this record, both by the band and James Dunkley, who engineered, mixed and produced this album."

This isn't just a new album from Elimination. This album marks a new era.

'The Blood Of Titans' is mature in every sense of the word; The messages are consistent and the delivery is confident. It knows what it wants to do, it know what it wants to say and it knows exactly how to achieve both. Fact.

And of course what's an album launch if you can't have a party and a live gig to celebrate! Get yourselves down to PJ McGinty's in Ipswich on December 16th to be Eliminated.


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