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21st December 2011


GWAR singer Dave Brockie (aka. Oderus Urungus) and the band's management have today confirmed that the band's entire European Tour for January has had to be cancelled.

The European leg of GWAR's 'Return Of The World Maggot' tour, scheduled to kick off in January 2012 has been cancelled after several promoters pulled the plug on shows, citing poor ticket sales.

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GWAR spokesman Dave Brockie commented on the tour's cancellation:

"Several of the promoters were alarmed by the low ticket sales, and they decided to start pulling the plug on shows. It got to the point where we had lost so many shows that we simply could not afford to do the tour.

"We are super disappointed that this happened, and we apologize to all of our European fans for cancelling the tour. We did everything we could possibly do to save it, but it just didn't work out. The tickets are fully refundable so make sure you get your money back!"

In other GWAR related news, Oderus and Balsac were recently hired' by MTV's Next Movie to review the new Steven Spielberg epic 'War Horse'. Are your Mutant Overlords the next Siskel and Ebert?


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