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4th January 2012

guns 'n roses

Dutch Michael's Gig Of The Week, a regular feature on, for New Year was a very special one - Guns 'N Roses and Sebastian Back in Las Vegas and we had a man out there on the night, none other than Gary McCulloch from the Praying Mantis management team.

You can read Gary's comments on the night below, along with some great photos of the night. Happy New year indeed...

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"The band were superb! Axl was exemplary as a frontman and his voice was exceptional! Not really sure he should call the band GnR but I suppose it's up to him. Or maybe the record company insists...?

"Slash and Duff were not missed whatsoever and in fact with this line up they would have actually spoiled the show! Slash is a nice guy and a fantastic musician in his own right and these two are much better apart these days.

guns n roses

"By my watch the band exploded (and I mean exploded!) on stage at 10.30. I thought they would finish just before or just after midnight but the final song was Paradise City at 2.15am!

"Axl said he would stop the band playing for the midnight countdown and continue playing after. He didn't need to. They did a brilliant version of 'Live And Let Die' with 15 seconds left to midnight!

"Special mention goes to support band Sebastian Bach who are on fine form these days and well worth checking out."

sabastian bach

guns n roses

guns n roses


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