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10th January 2012


Bloodstock Open Air starts the year with another fantastic announcement for its 2012 event at Catton Hall this summer, confirming Floridian death Metal legends Deicide's only UK show of the year.

Always at the forefront of the death Metal movement, Deicide was an original pioneer of the brutal sound and imagery associated with the Florida death Metal scene. In 1987, Glen Benton and Steve Asheim teamed to launch one of the most talked about, controversial and venomous crusades in Metal history and have since risen to international notoriety, releasing two of the highest selling death Metal albums of all time.

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Deicide quickly became known for their technical yet brutal sound as much as the rumors that surrounded them. After famously marching into the office of Monte Conner (Roadrunner Records) and demanding "Sign us, you fucking asshole!" the band went on to create the definitive sound of 90s death Metal thanks to their ability to play technical solos at blazing speeds with overlapping riffs.

Deicide also created an astounding ten studio albums that have changed the face of the extreme Metal scene.

Now they bring their blasphemous brutality to Bloodstock for the first time, offering the only chance to catch them live in the UK this year.

With a line up including headline sets from Alice Cooper and Behemoth, Norwegian Black Metal superstars Dimmu Borgir's only UK show of 2012, as well as over 100 bands including Anvil, Paradise Lost, Watain, Orange Goblin, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Swedish Metal merchants Grand Magus, there is no more Metal place in the UK than Bloodstock Open Air.


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