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25th January 2012

opera diabolicus

The history of this ingenious project goes back to a chance meeting between multi-instrumentalist and composer David Grimoire and bass player Adrian De Crow at a stage presentation of Umberto Eco's book 'The Name Of The Rose' at a theatre in Gothenburg, Sweden in the year 2006.

So impressed were the two musicians by the story that the two there and then decided that a theatrical and dark Metal musical based on a kind of story in the same genre could be a really profitable hunting ground. Further conversations took place in Gothenburg that bleak December and during 2007, and in 2008 the two musicians finally assembled the line up that could grow the seed of the concept - Opera Diabolicus/'1614' – a combination of dark musical elements, theatre and musical excellence, with the ideas for the ensuing album first introduced to the world via the band's Facebook page.

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Hired to produce was King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque; all the music was brought to the table by Grimoire and Adrian would arrive with the lyrics; but who to use to turn this fantastic concept into a reality?

Enter the imposing shadow of non other than multi talented musician, Notre Dame, King Diamond and Dimmu Borgir member Snowy Shaw, who not only introduced an added vocal element and set the guys off in search of vocalists such as Mats Leven (Krux, Yngwie Malmsteen), Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil) and Jake E (Amaranthe) to blend with his immense talents, but also brought interest from choral arrangers such as Jonas Heidgert and the talent of Dragonland keyboard player and founder Elias Holmlid, to combine with his infamous 'drums of doom'. The pack was complete.

With music that could be described as dramatic and dark doom Metal with atmospheric, epic and progressive elements, '1614' is an album brimming with devious death Metal twists and turns, doom laden riffage and a near Arcturus like structural flow, so if you're into bands like Candlemass, King Diamond, Memento Mori, Dimmu Borgir, Therion and Arcturus themselves, then we think this is definitely the band for you to keep your eye on, and an album that will sit wonderfully in your collection.

Vocals by; Snowy Shaw, Mats Leven, Camilla Alisander-Ason, Jake E, Nick Night

David Grimoire (Guitar, Keyboards)
Eric Rauti (Guitar)
Adrian De Crow (Bass)
Snowy Shaw (Drums)
Elias Holmlid (Keyboards)
Jonas Heidgert (Choral Arrangements)

Track Listing:

01. Overture
02. The Gates
03. Blood Countess Bathory
04. The 13th Guest
05. In Memoriam
06. Mythos Lamia
07. Forbidden
08. Stone By Stone


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