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1st February 2012

survivor eye of the tiger

Survivor's Frankie Sullivan, co-writer of the 1982 smash hit 'Eye Of The Tiger' has sued USA Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich for using the song on his campaign trail without permission.

Sullivan sued Gingrich in federal court on Monday, citing the GOP candidate's use of the song at several campaign events without permission. According to the lawsuit, filed on behalf of Sullivan's publishing company Rude Music Inc, Gingrich's transgressions began as early as 2009.

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Sullivan cited political events such as the Southern Republic Leadership Conference and public appearances in Iowa and Pennsylvania as instances of Gingrich's unlawful use of the copyrighted work. The suit also claims a video on the Newt 2012 Inc. website features Gingrich entering a crowded Pennsylvania venue as 'Eye Of The Tiger' plays in the background.

Sullivan told the Sun-Times: "Taking legal action has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with copyright infringement. My legacy, my life, has been 'Eye Of The Tiger'", he said.

Sullivan's co-writer and fellow founding member of Survivor, Jim Peterik, said he "hates suits" and doesn't plan to get involved and said he is fine with politicians using the song, though he might make one exception.

"If someone is out there trying to make a difference, let him do it... unless it was Adolf Hitler," Peterik said.

If successful, Sullivan will be awarded damages, any profits gained from using the song, attorney fees and court costs.

And here's a video of Gingrich using the song at a rally...


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