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3rd February 2012

black sabbath

The Cult has wrapped up recording 'Choice Of Weapon', the group's first studio album in five years. Released on 21st May 2012 on their new UK label Cooking Vinyl, its ten tracks reveal the band at its rawest and most visceral, encapsulating cinematic visions and themes of love, revolt, and redemption.

The track 'Lucifer' is available as a free download through the band's website Details are being confirmed for a worldwide tour and will be announced soon.

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'Choice Of Weapon' is the follow up to the critically-acclaimed 2007 release 'Born Into This' that the UK's Mojo magazine called "a wholehearted, utopian and irrefutably exciting record."

Long-time Cult collaborator and producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Bush) - who produced one of The Cult's most successful albums, the platinum-certified 'Sonic Temple' - put the finishing touches on the foundations that were laid by co-producer Chris Goss (Queens Of The Stone Age, U.N.K.L.E., Masters Of Reality).

The record was written by Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, recorded in New York City, Los Angeles, the California high desert, and the band's Witch Mountain studios in the Hollywood Hills between July and December 2011. The new release features founding members Astbury on vocals and Duffy on guitars, with drummer John Tempesta and bassist Chris Wyse.

"We have had the opportunity to work with two of the most influential and talented producers in the world today," said Astbury. "They pushed us beyond our comfort zone, and helped us craft 'Choice Of Weapon'."

The album is aimed at the heart of The Cult's loyal following. It reflects the current discontent and destruction of our eco systems, the search for individual meaning against a tide of rampant materialism, narcissism and disconnected lives.

"We went deeper... we worked a bit harder on this record. We have great fans and they deserve our best," added Duffy, "and I feel this is as strong as any album we have ever released."

The album is released as a special edition fan pack on May 14th, followed by digital and double vinyl on May 21st and the CD and deluxe CD's on June 4th. The tracklisting is as follows:

Honey from a Knife
Elemental Light
The Wolf
Life > Death
For The Animals
Wilderness Now
A Pale Horse
This Night In The City Forever

Bonus CD tracks:
Every Man And Woman Is A Star
Until The Light Takes Us

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The Cult have now revealed their 1985 hit 'She Sells Sanctuary' will be featured in an advert during this weekend's 46th Super Bowl in the US. The classic track has been paired with the rapper Flo Rida's chart topping hit 'Good Feeling' in a mash up for Budweiser and the one-minute spot is a celebratory romp through several decades of great times in America that begins with the end of Prohibition in 1933.

This year's competition climaxes on Sunday 5th February when the New England Patriots play the New York Giants and last year over 111 million people watched the show in the US alone making it the most watched show in US television history. 30 second adverts during the show sell for over $3.5 million and there is even an annual programme dedicated to the adverts from years gone by, who is advertising and what is shown and played has become as big a part of the event as the game. This year Madonna is performing alongside M.I.A and Nicki Minaj in the coveted half time slot.

Written by The Cult's vocalist Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy, 'She Sells Sanctuary' reached No.15 on the UK charts and was a top 40 dance hit in the U.S. In a review, one journalist wrote, "Duffy's liquid, quasi-psychedelic guitar intro over a buzz of flanged feedback suddenly rips into a triumphant, driving lead melody that's jaw dropping."


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