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10th February 2012

black sabbath

Despite no official word from the Black Sabbath camp yet, Tommy Clufetos almost let the cat out of the bag regarding his as-yet-unannounced new role as Bill Ward's replacement in Black Sabbath, a story broken by on Tuesday of this week.

Clufetos' official website,, today listed more than one Black Sabbath show in the Tour section, most notably the Rotterdam date in June, with links to buy tickets. The dates mysteriously disappeared from the site this afternoon, Friday 10th February.

Article continues below... caused a storm in the Metal world this week with the story of Bill's departure from the band, provoking online fan protests, dedicated Facebook pages and denials from official sources, including Sharon Osbourne's denial that she had fired Bill.

Sharon tweeted: "I am not in any position to hire or fire anyone in BLACK SABBATH. I don't manage the band, I manage my husband." have been inundated with comments from irate Black Sabbath fans, nearly all of whom vehemently want Bill to be a part of the reunion. Here's a selection of some of the best ones.

Rob Reid
"Tim, Sharon now manages the band ... she managed to get her lawyers to carve out ownership of 50% of the rights to the BS name too ... which may be the sticking point with Bill at the beginning , However, I'm just surmising the last bit.

"Bill is fighting fit and has been part of the writing rehearsing process for 4 months or so ... According to the Rosen Sabbath bio he was royally shafted in the late '90s reunion by the management (we know who that is ...) and looks like the same again ..."

Simon Swain
"I am a Sabbath fan like most on this blogg and I have followed comments with regards to Bill and find the whole thing just pathetic and sad that at this stage of the members of Sabbaths life, that there is such a greedy debate to oust Bill...its not just Sharon making an arse of herself...the rest of the band should also take responsibility,contracts or no contracts and pull together and grow some fuckin balls and remind themselves that they havn't got that much longer on this earth and get real and get there heads out of there fuckin arses and get the fuck on with it...think of the fans and where they came from and most importantly just enjoy the final ride for Gods sake.......eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr...grow up...the lot of em...XX"

Andrew Crossburner
"Without all 4 founding members, Sabbath becomes nothing more than a travesty. To quote Ozzy from a late 90's reunion interview "There's only 1 Black Sabbath and that's Tony Iommi,Geezer Butler,Myself and Bill Ward" and to paraphrase him from a statement he released concerning his lawsuit against Iommi a few years back - Black Sabbath should be owned Equally by all 4 founding members.

"Ozzy, you are a hypocrite. It breaks my heart to say this but to Sabbath I say: I have no intention of blowing cash on this album,you have lost a long time loyal fan. Fuck You and thanks for nothing."

"Who does Sharon think she is to fuck people over like this? The CEO of a bank?"

"you cant fire a legend or there is no black sabbath... fire someone that wasn\'t part of the legend.....ummm that would be Sharon."

"No Bill Ward on drums = me saving my money from not buying the cd or traveling to see the tour! I saw the 1st renunion tour when Pantera opened in '90 and gave me GOOSEBUMPS knowing I was about to witness all 4 members of Sabbath playing together! Sill one of the best shows I have ever seen! But no Bill Ward on this cd or tour? No "ME" at the show!!"

"This isn't Rock'n'Roll - it's money driven pussy bullshit!Why is it impossible to give Bill a fair contract?And which person is reponsible for this decision?

"Is Ozzy really again creeping on his knees before Sharon?So if Bill is out, i'll get the music of the new album for free!"

Rich Hall
"There is too much unknown on this one really -

"1. Why did Bill think the contract was unsignable? Was he actually asking for more money than the rest? Was he being offered less?

"2. If he hasn't signed anything or joined the lads in the UK and started working, how can he be sacked?

"For all we know the conversation might have been -

"Ozzy: Sharon, Bill wants more cash than the rest of us.

"Sharon: No way, bugger him we will find another drummer.

"If we every hear the real story it will be interesting.

"Having said all this track records do tend to indicate that Bill is being open and honest and someone, possibly Sharon, is shafting him, the fans and dragging the name through the mud.

"At the end of the day it looks like so many other heritage reunion bands - money and ego before music and fans which saddens me deeply especially with Tony's illness being more importan than any of this bullcrap.

"I'm still hoping this is sorted, Tony is well and I get to see my all time favorite band play live at Download as I've never seen this line up.

"Looks like the Led Zep boys have been proven right again about getting back together..."

Will Brohemoth Castillo
"As much as I love Sabbath and as big of an influence as you've been on me music-wise, you can all go fuck yourselves for screwing Bill. You're all equal members of the band and its about time you've started treating each other that way. This isn't the first time that Bill's sat out because he was offered the short straw. For Christ's sake, you're all in your 60s. Stop acting like 5-year-olds and show each other a bit of respect."

Pat McCauley
"What cracks me up is that Sabbath states they "were saddened to hear yesterday via Facebook" yet they didn't think to get on the phone with the guy and try to hash out one of the most anticipated reunion albums in metal history.

"Also, on a more humorous note, the statement not once say the words "bloody hell." This leads me to believe that Iommi had nothing to do with that statement. Those of you whom have read Tony's book might now what I'm talking about.

Andrew Jeph Frank Walker
"As suggested by someone else, (i'm stealing it), they're gonna call this three-piece reunion BACK STABBATH!"

Cláudio Galante
"Stop being fucking childish, give Bill a decent contract!"

Jesse Miller
"Fans want Bill Ward, not half Sabbath and half of Ozzy's band. Just do the right thing."

Sam Steinhauer
"OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE, just give him what he wants. Ozzy always said Bill was his closest friend in the band, show the respect man"

Andrés Garcia
"What kind of band is this, if its members do not stick up for each other? Tony, Geezer and Ozzy should have taken a step back from all this and insisted on a fair share of the deal for everyone.

"This is not right."

Sean Remar
"NO. FUCK, NO! You give Bill a fair contract! He is as much a part of Sabbath as Tony, Geezer, and Ozzy!"

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