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21st February 2012

HMV have the boxset for a decent price. Or at least they did when we took this screenshot...

Motörhead are advising fans not to buy their latest box set because of the ridiculous price set by the record label.

A new box set, called 'Complete Early Years Box Set', has just come out by the company who has the rights to the band's early recordings, and they are charging over $600 for it.

Information on which company is releasing the box set is scant but we think it is Sanctuary. However, we did find out that HMV are retailing the box set for a very reasonable £259.99 with free UK delivery included. Click here to pre-order from HMV.

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Clearly unaware of the HMV deal, Lemmy said: "Unfortunately greed once again rears its yapping head. I would advise against it even for the most rabid completists!

"Motörhead have no control over what's done with these early songs, and don't want fans to think that the band is involved in putting out such a costly box set.

Motörhead do have a great new record and DVD out, ('The World Is Yours' CD and 'The World Is Ours - Vol 1 - Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else' DVD), and the band hopes fans will choose these new releases over this outrageously expensive box set.

'The Complete Early Years' 15 CD And Vinyl Box Set was released today, February 21st. The set features all eight of the band's early albums in five-inch Japanese miniature wallets. It also includes the band's early singles, a Collector's Guide To Motörhead book, a limited edition Justin Hampton Motörhead print, concert programmes, and a collection of badges.

Click here to order the new Motörhead releases.

Click here to order the box set from HMV at £259.99.


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