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2nd March 2012

saxon eagles over wacken

Saxon are proud to announce that they will be on the main stage at Download on Saturday 9th June alongside Metallica et al. They also release 'Heavy Metal Thunder Live - Eagles Over Wacken' live DVD out April 23rd via UDR/EMI.

Some things just go together. Heavy Metal and thunder... denim and leather... Saxon and Wacken. They've been old friends for many years now, their harmony collecting an army of thousands upon thousands who view Saxon live as a pilgrimage to the heart of Metal music. And when that pilgrimage takes you, repeatedly, to the largest Heavy Metal festival in the world, Wacken Open Air in Germany, the results will always be electric.

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"When we first played Wacken, it was a small festival with a small stage in a small field, driven by nothing more than raw enthusiasm, which appealed very much to us!" says Biff Byford, Saxon's venerable frontman.

"It started as fans putting on a festival for fans, and now it's fair to say that it is to Heavy Metal what the Donington Festival used to be. That was the iconic Heavy Metal festival of the 80s and Wacken is the iconic Heavy Metal festival of now."

Now you can feel that electricity for yourselves thanks to 'Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken', the no-fat-no-bullshit-100%-pure CD/DVD featuring DVD highlights from Saxon's Wacken shows in 2004, 2007 and 2009 comprising THIRTY songs, plus a live CD from Glasgow in 2011.

Each set captures the Barnsley-bred British Heavy Metal legends delivering classic after classic, from 'Denim And Leather' to 'Metalhead' to 'Heavy Metal Thunder' to 'Princess Of The Night' to 'Crusader' in front of 75,000+ loyal, ravenous fans, who have come to expect (and receive) the levels of performance Saxon have been delivering for 32 years.

"And when the eagle comes down at Wacken, when it opens up over the audience, it is always an electric moment for those there," says Biff emphatically of the famous Saxon eagle, a ton or so of steel and lights, rescued from a storage space in the British home counties where it had lain dormant gathering rust. In many ways, the eagle's rebirth and Wacken's ascent are partners on the journey, as it was Wacken's organizers who offered to restore the mighty Metal bird so as it could become a live centerpiece of both Wacken and Saxon's history.

And when it comes to Heavy Metal, Saxon's history is indeed rich. Rightly seen as one of the premier vanguards of Heavy Metal, Saxon were a major influence behind platinum-coated stars such as Metallica and Megadeth. Formed as Son of A Bitch in 1976 (and becoming Saxon in 1978) they enjoyed tremendous commercial success in the UK during the 80s, with eight UK top 40 albums, and have sold over 13 millions albums worldwide, while albums such as 'Wheels Of Steel', 'Strong Arm Of The Law', 'Denim And Leather' and 'The Power And The Glory' have become legendary staples of any self-respecting Metal fan's collection.

But it has always arguably been on stage where Saxon have excelled the most. There's no hiding once you hit the boards, and whether playing to 20,000 people in Buenos Aires or 2,000 people in Bolton, Byford, Carter, Glockler, Quinn and Scarratt source the same high-voltage energy reserves and deliver the same high-octane, blood and sweat-soaked show that make Saxon a perennial touring favorite.

"We've consistently tried to write and perform songs which both us and our audience enjoy," says Biff, "and we've worked very hard to maintain that link with our audience, because if you don't have that connection it can be very dangerous. We need them, and we need to be ready to deliver for them at every show, that's the challenge and it's one we gratefully accept and enjoy.

"If the audience are prepared to get crazy, then it's always going to be a strong show, and Wacken always delivers us a fantastic connection. You cannot fake that electricity, everyone wants that charged atmosphere and it is absolutely priceless."

If you've never had the chance to experience Saxon, start here and start now! If you've had the chance and yearned to capture the energy, the moment and the memory of it all, then put your hands together for 'Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken' and be grateful to know that despite everything going on in our increasingly confused world, your escapist musical prayers have been answered.

'Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken' is available in a variety of formats, including the Golden Ticket D2C/Direct To Consumer Box.

Strictly limited, this exclusive package contains the 'Best Of Wacken' DVD, plus the full and complete Saxon W:O:A performances from 2004/2007/2009 each on a separate DVD, plus a Saxon fl ag.

The real surprise is that 10 Golden Tickets are randomly included in the box sets, which will allow the lucky winners to visit any Saxon concert in any city around the world (excluding festival appearances).

Silver Tickets giving access to special online content are for the remaining boxes so there are no losers - only winners.

'Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken' is released in Europe on April 20th 2012, UK on April 23rd 2012 and USA on May 22nd, 2012.


1. 2 CD + DVD Digipack (CD rack size)
• DVD: Best Of W:O:A (2004/2007/2009)
• CD: Glasgow Live, April 14th, 2011
2. DVD (Amaray)
• Best Of W:O:A (2004/2007/2009)
UDR 0101 DVD
3. 2 CD (2 audio CD Jewel Case)
• W:O:A 2009 - Fan's Choice Setlist
UDR 0102 CD
4. 3 VINYL LP 12" Gatefold
• W:O:A 2009 - Fan's Choice Setlist
UDR 0103 LP
5. D2C limited to 1000 copies
• Digipack - Best of DVD
• DVD - W:O:A 2009 - Fan's Choice Setlist
(full show - video)
• DVD - W:O:A 2007 (full show - video)
• DVD - W:O:A 2004 (full show - video)
• 10 golden tickets - personalized - any show, any city, life long (excluding festival appearances)
• Saxon fl ag & more
UDR 0104 BOX
• also available as digital downloads in various versions
01 Hybrid (Intro)
02 Hammer Of The Gods
03 Heavy Metal Thunder
04 Back In 79
05 Never Surrender
06 I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
07 Dallas 1 p.m.
08 Call To Arms
09 Solid Ball Of Rock
10 Demon Sweeney Todd
11 And The Bands Played On
12 Man And Machine
13 Play It Loud
14 When Doomsday Comes (Hybrid Theory)
15 To Hell And Back Again
16 Motorcycle Man
17 Denim And Leather
18 Princess Of The Night
19 Crusader
20 747 (Strangers In The Night)
21 The Eagle Has Landed
22 20,000 Feet
23 Strong Arm Of The Law
24 Wheels Of Steel
01 Heavy Metal Thunder
02 Dogs Of War
03 Backs To The Wall
04 Solid Ball Of Rock
05 20,000 Feet
06 Travellers In Time
07 Dragon's Lair
08 Drumsolo
09 The Eagle Has Landed
10 Rock Is Our Life
11 Motorcycle Man
12 Strong Arm Of The Law
13 Princess Of The Night
14 747 (Strangers In The Night)
W:O:A 2004 - FULL SHOW
15 And The Bands Played On
16 Crusader
17 Wheels Of Steel
18 Denim And Leather
19 Forever Free
20 Dallas 1 p.m.
01 Heavy Metal Thunder
02 Let Me Feel Your Power
03 Dogs Of War
04 If I Was You
05 747 (Strangers In The Night)
06 To Hell And Back Again
07 Motorcycle Man
08 Red Star Falling
09 Witchfinder
10 Solid Ball Of Rock
11 20,000 Feet
12 And The Bands Played On
13 Princess Of The Night
14 I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
W:O:A 2007 - FULL SHOW
15 Attila The Hun
16 Denim And Leather
17 Ashes To Ashes
18 Crusader
19 Wheels Of Steel
20 Strong Arm Of The Law
01 Battalions Of Steel
02 Let Me Feel Your Power
03 Lion Heart
04 Strong Arm Of The Law
05 Killing Ground
06 Metalhead
07 Wheels Of Steel
08 Unleash The Beast
09 Dogs Of War
10 Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy
11 Rock The Nations
12 Motorcycle Man
13 Forever Free
14 Solid Ball Of Rock
15 Crusader
16 The Power And The Glory
17 Princess Of The Night
18 Heavy Metal Thunder
19 Live To Rock
20 747 (Strangers In The Night)
21 Stallions Of The Highway
22 Denim And Leather
01 Batallions Of Steel
02 Heavy Metal Thunder
03 Metalhead
04 Let Me Feel Your Power
05 To Hell And Back Again
06 If I Was You
07 Killing Ground
08 Unleash The Beast
09 Dogs Of War
10 Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy
11 Travellers In Time
12 The Eagle Has Landed
13 747 (Strangers In The Night)
14 Dallas 1 p.m.
15 Witchfinder
16 Solid Ball Of Rock
17 20.000 Feet
18 Red Star Falling
19 Rock The Nations
20 The Power And The Glory
BEST OF W:O:A 2009, '07, '04
21 Stallions Of The Highway
22 Live To Rock
23 And The Bands Played On
24 Princess Of The Night
25 I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
26 Attila The Hun
27 Denim And Leather
28 Ashes To Ashes
29 Crusader
30 Wheels Of Steel

22.04.2012 BR SÃO LUÍS - Metal Open Air
28.04.2012 DE DORTMUND - Rock in den Ruinen
23.05.2012 BE ANTWERP - Lotto Arena *
24.05.2012 NL KERKRADE - Arena *
26.05.2012 UK HAMMERSMITH - Apollo *
30.07.2012 NL STEENWIJKERWOLD - Dicky Woodstock Festival
02.08.2012 DE WACKEN - Wacken Open Air
03.08.2012 DE GEISELWIND - Bike & Music Weekend
* show with JUDAS PRIEST
More dates to come ...


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