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12th March 2012

dog faced corpse
Iraqi Metal band Dog Faced Corpse

Aparently the Metal scene in Iraq is at risk of getting banned because of the EMO cult in the country increasing, which has lead the authorities to capture EMOs and investigate them with accusations of being Satanic and a danger to society.

The news became more recognized by the mainstream media when allegations of more than 100 EMO's have been killed in the past week. The authorities denied this and said the story is fabricated by the media against the government.

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The main religious militias in Iraq denied it too, but pictures of victims appeared on the social networks along with lists that included names of people who had been labeled as EMO's while many of them are actually Metalheads, rockers, rappers or just close to the EMO/gothic style, without being necessary a real EMO follower.

Most of the reports indicated that the victims were killed by 'smashing the heads with building blocks', and that a new religious militia under the name Al Mujahideen (Warriors of higher cause) claimed the responsibility for it.

The Iraqi Metal scene reacted with bands putting their projects on hold with some deleting their Facebook pages to keep their identities hidden as much as possible. Iraqi Metal Facebook groups have been changed into secret groups so no one can get into it and know the fans' identities. is a Metal news website focused on the Middle Eastern scene and wanted to report this critical situation that is going on there with our brothers in Iraq.

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