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14th March 2012

rob paris

Swedish guitarist Rob Paris has launched an inspirational book for guitarists around the world. Rob Paris is mostly known for his guitar-work and song-writing in the Swedish band Danger.

The book 'Guitar Trigger' comes as an e-book and can be easily downloaded for free by clicking here.

On the question how he got the idea of writing an e-book next to creating music, Rob Paris states: "I have such a huge passion for the subject of personal development, self growth and success training. I read books, attent seminars, watch movies, study online courses, go through coaching classes and still, I can't get enough. The same goes for music and guitars for sure.

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"In the past I have released records, been touring and expressed myself to the world through music, and I will definitely continue doing that, however, because that I have gathered so much knowledge and understanding on how to succeed and grow as a person it just felt as the next logical step for me, to write a little book to give out to people who want to correct their course to a more open-minded and successful life."

"Continuing about what people can expect if they sign up for this book: "The book is actually just the beginning, trust me, what you will get after you sign up for the book is amazing, you've not seen this before. It's like a home study course in success, spread out over eight weeks or so. The book will give you all you need though in terms of building your vision and making things happen, however, I really want to over-deliver here. So I decided to once a week or more, (don't worry, you can tell me at anytime that you don't want my mails with just a click on a button) send out a short message to you that will correct your everyday habbit of thoughts.

"I have done a tremendous research on guitar courses online, I've tested most of them and know exactly what they are about. So I have gathered the absolute top notch sites you could ever find, and I will deliver them to you with detailed information so that you don't need to do any research yourself. So if you are serious about guitar playing, this will serve you a lot, and you could cut your learning curve by at least 50%. I use them myself on a daily basis now, only those, and I get awesome results!

"This book is NOT only for guitarists! This is for anyone who wants to know how to take the next step towards a life of your own choice, a life by design and not by default. Actually, it's the same principles for anyone that wants to succeed and play it big. Just replace the "guitar stuff" with ANYTHING, with what you are doing, it could be that you are a singer, an athlete, a college student, or even a mother, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you want "more" out of life and become a better and more happy person getting it.

"Sure there are some guitar tips and tricks in this book that will be good for guitarists, however, the main focus is still on the "success" part. Life is too short to be small! It was just natural for me to write about guitar, coz it's a big passion for me and I know things that one can do to become a better guitar player much faster, even though it is really basic stuff, it's often left out.

rob paris

"And the mindset part is 99.9% of the time left out, even though, I believe, it's the most important part. I really want people to know this stuff, it serves you very well in all aspects of your life. Beware though, I take a very different approach, and may crush some prejudices that you are carrying around."

Rob Paris is not planning this to be a one-time occasion: "I will focus now first on the music! My band Danger will release an album, and I have to tell you, I have never in my life believed so much in the band as I do now. We have been away for a while, so the hunger for more has grown in each of us to the extent that we can't hold back any longer. So we got together, shaped things up and we are now better than ever before. However, I will without doubt continue with inspirational books/products. You can definitely expect a new release in this area in 2012 as well, I am already in the process of creating a new one, and I am excited about it.

"Keep your eyes opened - and your minds ;) And as a matter of fact, I will become a father this year, that makes life even more exciting. Some say 2012 is the end of the world, I say, - It's just the beginning! Believe in yourself 100% and nothing can stop you!"

'Guitar Trigger' comes as an e-book and can be easily downloaded for free by clicking here.


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